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Here are some other data storage sites that may be interesting or useful

Data Storage Conferences
The Storage Visions Conference
The Creative Storage Conference

Disk Drive Manufacturers
Hitachi Global Storage Technology
Samsung Electronics
Seagate Technology
Western - Digital

Component and Material Suppliers
Abrasive Technology
CMP Pad conditioners
Accuplace Provides film adhesive assembly systems in the HDD market
Adaptec Controllers, Interconnect Solutions
Agere Systems Semiconductor
Asahii Kasehi Semiconductor components
Beyonics Precision Mechanical Parts, PCBAs, Contract Mfg.
Cirrus Logic Disk Drive Controllers, Amplifiers
Cheung Woh Stamped precision parts
Engis Polishing Compounds
Exar Semiconductor Components
FCI Electronics Connectors, Components
F Squared Magnetics Designs and produces complete voice coil motors, magnet assembly and coil, for disc drives
Hoya Glass substrates and magnetic disks
Hutchinson Suspension Assemblies
IBM Microelectronics Semiconductor components
IBM Storage Almaden Laboratories, Storage Technology
Infineon Discreet Semiconductor Products
IMP Analog ICs
Innovex Flex Interconnect Products
The Kaifa Group Rigid Disk Substrates, HGAs, Head Stacks
LSI Logic ASICs, Storage adaptors
Loctite Specialized Adhesives
Magnecomp Precision Public Co. Ltd. R/W Head Suspension Assemblies (subsidiary of TDK)
Marvell Semiconductor SOCs, Pre AMPs, Read Amps, Serial ATA transceivers, Motor controllers
Miyoshi Precision Ltd. top covers, disk clamps and voice coil motors plates for HDD
Molex Connectors
MMI Group Precision aluminum components, contract mfg, automation systems, test systems
Notion VTEC Berhad
- Spindle motor hubs, spacer rings, disk clamps, precison tooling, parts
OHara Glass Disk Substrates
Pall Corp - Specialty filtration products for HDD and component processes
Precision Metal stamping
Sankyo-Seiki Direct Drive Spindle Motors
ST Microelectronics S.O.C.s, Motor controllers, preamplifiers,
Symbios (See Also LSI Logic)
Texas Instruments Read Channel Devices, Controllers
Texwipe Contamination Control, Clean Wipestalline diamond abrasives and slurries for disk texture, head lapping, and precise surface finishes

News and Analysis
Byte and Switch
Data Storage News Summary
The Entertainment Storage Alliance
eWeek Storage

Gartner DataQuest
In- Stat MDR
Storage Review
Tom Coughlin

Tom's Hardware
Trend Focus

Patent Resources

Storage System Providers
Compaq (HP)
Hewlett - Packard
HitachiData Sytems
MTI Corp.
Network Appliance
Optics-Storage Tech
Overland Data

Tape, Optical, Other Storage Providers
Delta Electronics
Lite-On Technology
LG Electronics

Equipment & Service Providers
Acquiris - Servo positioning systems
ADE Technologies - -Advanced, non contact, capacitance guages for drive motors and disk thicknessmeasurement
Agilent Technologies -Signal Analyzers
Adept -Advanced Robotics & Controls
EcoSnow Systems - CO2 Precision Cleaning Systems
FlexStar Technology - Designs, Manufacturers and Sells open architecture test solutions for design validation, quality & reliability, compliance & compatibility, and production applications.
FEI Company - Wafer process control, Ion Beam head trimming, 3D metrology
GCE Technologies - Specialty Manufacturing and Test Systems Design and Fab
Guzik Technology - Read/Write Analyzers, Spin Stands
Hitachi Electronics - Media Certification & Automation
HDI Intrumentation - Optical metrology systems for surface analysis of substrates and finished media

Integral Solutions Inc. - Quasi Static GMR head testers including instability tests at Row, Slider, HGA, HSA, and HDD levels
LeCroy - Wave form analyzers
Lighthouse Clean Room contamination monitoring and control solution
Marposs- Automation,Metrology & Controls for HGA, HSA, Spindle Motor, and Actuator Mfg
MicroPhysics - Magnetic head testers and engineering software for hard disk drive and tape drive applications in production, engineering, R&D
Mattson Technology - Plasma Etch, photoresist equipment
MicroE Precision encoders and motion control positioning systems
Newport Corp. - Precision Motion Control
Park Systems designs and sells a complete range of AFM solutions for the most demanding imaging and measurements needs in research and industry
Pemstar - Engineering, Manufacturing and Fulfillment services
Polytec provides high-technology, laser-based precision measurement solutions to researchers and engineers. Features laser doppler measurement systems for the HDD industry
SpeedFam - Surface Processing Equipment
Vanguard Systems - Automation equipment
Veeco - Wide Range of Process and Metrology Systems
Xyratex - Interface Test Systems, Servo Track Writers, Protocol Analyzers, Factory Automation

Organizations and Consortia
American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
Center for Magnetic Recording Research at U.C. San Diego
Data Storage Institute, National University of Singapore
International Disk Equipment & Materials Ass ociation (IDEMA)
Raid Advisory Board
Personal Computer Memory Card Industry Association (PCMCIA)
IEEE Magnetics Society
Information Storage Industry Consortium (INSIC)
Institute for Information Storage Technology (IIST)
iVDR HDD Consortium
National Storage Industry Consortium (NSIC)
Optical Storage Technology Assn.
SCSI Trade Assoc.
1394 Trade assoc.

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